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Implants and Dental Extractions

At Solay Dental, we not only assist patients in the Oldsmar, FL area with achieving and maintaining health, but we also provide a range of oral surgery solutions. Our team is dedicated to ensuring as many procedures can be performed in one facility, reducing the need to refer our patients to other professionals in the area. Drs. Shiva Soleimani and Jesus Rojas are here to assist with oral surgery needs, including the placement of dental implants and removing teeth.

Dental Implants by SOLAY DENTAL

Patients of the Oldsmar, FL area who are faced with tooth loss are encouraged to work with our dental team at Solay Dental to restore the smile’s function, appearance, and health. One or more teeth lost from trauma or disease can significantly affect the mouth. Without replacing missing teeth, patients may experience bone loss and shifting of the remaining teeth within the bite.

Our team may recommend to patients the benefits of dental implants, which are tiny titanium posts the dentist surgically placed into the jaw bone. Bone growth through a process known as osseointegration can then occur, ensuring the implant is firmly in place for a proper foundation. The portion of the dental implant above the gum line, known as the abutment, is then covered with a crown, dental bridge, or even a full denture to complete the process.

Tooth Extractions by SOLAY DENTAL

Drs. Shiva Soleimani and Jesus Rojas also provide the removal of teeth if needed. Patients might have teeth removed due to significant damage, failed endodontic therapy, or to prepare for specific procedures or restorations such as orthodontic work or complete dentures.

We offer both simple and surgical extractions, removing teeth from the jawbone in the manner that best suits the patient’s current situation and dental goals. Whether you need to remove an impacted wisdom tooth or have experienced trauma to the mouth and require extraction, our team can assist. In addition, we evaluate our patients to determine which method of removal is most appropriate.

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If you live in the community of Oldsmar, FL, or the surrounding area and want to speak to a professional about the oral surgery procedures we provide in our practice, connect with Drs. Shiva Soleimani and Jesus Rojas of Solay Dental. Call (727) 781-6224 to request a visit. Our facility is conveniently located at 3144-3 Tampa Road and is available for new or currently enrolled patients and families.

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